Will it fit in my new home?

In just under two months I will be moving into my first solo apartment. I have been extremely lucky to live with amazing roommates for the last 7 years, but the time has arrived and I will be getting my own place. Alone. I have never lived truly alone and my homemaker heart is fluttering in anticipation to find an apartment and make it mine. Living with the same roommates for so many years, there is a lot that I don’t have and then some things that I want. I have online wish lists, Craigslist “for sale” alerts and a Pinterest board all in preparation and to feed my impatience as I hold off on making purchases until I have at least signed a lease. All of the waiting was too much and I gave in when I got a Craigslist alert over the weekend for a prize possession at a great price.

My new KitchenAid Stand Mixer:


I felt like a Craigslist pro. It was originally listed at $95, but I negotiated down to $80 since it was missing the dough hook and wire whisk. The seller grumbled a little and said, “Ehhh, you drive a hard bargain….okay.” I was able to order both missing pieces for an extra $27, which still feels like a deal for a barely used Artisan. In the photo I included the crowded counter and electric stove top of my current small and windowless kitchen. While I expect to move into a small space, I am hoping to have some natural light, a gas stove and to make it more functional. I do question if this mixer will fit in my new home that is likely to be a one bedroom or efficiency apartment. Look out later this week for my first recipe post, which is will be a bake with my new mixer.


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